How Much Sex Do You Need To Have To Get Pregnant

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The internet will probably tell you that you’re supposed to have sex every other day, or every day, before the day of ovulation for the best chances to conceive. The day of ovulation is usually the five days before and the day of ovulation itself. These may sound good, but is it really good, or seems like too much? Is the claim backed up with a solid research, or just real sharing of those who already conceived by doing the process?

Validated or not, there are numbers of factors to be considered when a woman wants to get pregnant.

Sperm Count

It is said that for a conception to occur, a sperm count of at least 20 million parts per milliliter is necessary. The normal rate of sperm count is anywhere from 35 to 120 million parts per milliliter. The best way of knowing whether a man has a high spectrum of sperm is to do a semen analysis.

Before sex, you want to make sure that your man has high enough sperm count. If you are having sex every day, reproduction of sperm may not be high enough on the next day. Healthy sperm can be reproduced every two to three days after ejaculation. A rise in sperm cell will be produced if a man does not ejaculate after two to three days, but so will the proportion of the incapable and morphologically abnormal sperms.

Having said that, doing sex every day before and during your ovulation period will give you a quarter chance of conceiving, while doing it once per week will drop the chances. Again, a man should ejaculate again two to three days after ejaculating.

Knowing The Ovulation

The best time to get pregnant is technically two to three days before you ovulate. But, you can still get pregnant five days before you ovulate because sperm can live up to five days in the female reproductive tract. When you have sex five days before you ovulate, the sperm inside your reproductive tract should be waiting to fertilize your egg.

Normal ovulation varies from woman to woman. If your cycle is regular, ovulation can occur as early as Day 10 up to Day 20. While, if your cycle is irregular, your ovulation may occur later. The best way to track your ovulation day is through ovulation tests and vaginal discharge.

Sex During Non-fertile Days

How about having sex during non-fertile days? Does it have impact on your chances of conception? You will hear from some that the chances of conceiving during non-fertile days are very low. Well in fact, there are records showing that doing sex even during non-fertile days can increase the chances of conceiving because it makes the immune system of a woman stronger. If the immune system of a man and woman is strong, the chances of a woman to get pregnant as they intercourse are very high because both are healthy.

For those who are tracking their ovulation and if their partner’s sperm count is on average or high, doing sex every day of fertile window can be done. If a woman is not tracking her ovulation, she and her partner should have sex every other day all month long for a higher probability of hitting the target.

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