8 Sexy Moves Men Secretly Wish You’d Make In The Bedroom

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Do you know what impress most men in bed? No, they aren’t interested at all in trapeze or theatrics acts. They wish for these 8 simple yet sexy moves from you;

  1. Touch yourself.

You might find this act quite embarrassing. But according to sex experts, seeing a confident woman pleasure herself is a major turn-on for men. It is like giving your partner an exclusive live show. They love to see the reaction on your face as you connect to your sexuality. From the peep show, they also learn how you want to be touched.

  1. Give them a head.

Blowjobs for men are heaven. What they love the most is, when you do it without them begging or asking for it. So next time do it not because you lost a bet or it his birthday, but because you’d like to surprise him.

  1. Pay attention to his sensitive parts.

You need to focus as well on his sensitive spots such as the tip of his penis. Gently and slowly touch it. If you want to make your husband scream in pleasure, you only need to flick your tongue on it.

  1. Allow him to dominate you.

Although your partner may not show an active move to spice things up in bed, they still desire to have the power to change sexual patterns and grab total control. Thus, one of these nights let him dominate you. Prepare one of his silk ties and allow him to bind your lovely hands together.

You’ll surely won’t forget this night as he completely rules your world.

  1. Don’t forget foreplay.

Undeniably, men have a reputation for doing foreplay in just a matter of seconds. However, bear in your mind that it can build up hotter feeling inside in them. Whether you’re slowly undressing for a striptease or just a sexy SMS you send to give him a boner, it pays off to rev him up before the main event.

  1. Make his fantasies a reality.

It won’t hurt you at all to ask. Each one of us is unique and so is our fantasies. Ask your lover about his ultimate sex fantasy and then make it happen! Whether he wants to give him like a head as if he was the king of the jungle or he’s dying to see you wear a sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie, do not be ashamed to open up this topic.

  1. Slow down.

Did you know that men love to feel everything and to take things slowly during sex?  For instance, when you are doing oral sex, be sure to take him in and out unhurriedly.  After teasing him, you can give him full throttle.

  1. Explore the unexpected places.

You heard it right. Men also have erogenous spots aside from penis. Some are too obvious like the torso, other are too discreet such as behind his knees or his temples.

Sure enough, you will drive your man wild if you make these sexy moves on your next bed sesh!

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